[uClinux-dev] A fool question:what directory is the root of the kernel tree

杨亚军 yangyajun at hisense.cngb.com
Wed Mar 19 05:22:52 EST 2003

Thank you very much,   Jay Vaughan.
  Another question:
  On my board ,  in /proc/devices, there is no mtd device.
  But in /proc/mtd,  there are two partitions I have created.
  I guess my mtd devices have not been added successfully. What's your option?

The followings are the details:

/proc> cat devices( I only shows  block device's information, and  I  changed  MTD_BLOCK_MAJOR from 31 to 30)
    Block devices
          1  ramdisk
          31 Blkmem

/proc>cat mtd
dev:               size            erasesize       name 
mtd0       00010000      00008000      "spare (64k)"
mtd1       001f0000       00010000      "jffs (1984k)"

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