[uClinux-dev] FTP Server on the 5272 board

Brad Clements bkc at murkworks.com
Wed Mar 19 10:20:24 EST 2003

On 19 Mar 2003 at 23:30, Greg Ungerer wrote:

> > By the way, it is important to use my uC5272 in a network. I don't really
> > know what you were meaning with the hard coded MAC adress, but if it
> > works with one unit in a network, this might be OK.
> That is what I meant, a single unit on your network will work fine.
> But if you had 2 (or more) units on a network running this code
> it would not work, since they would all have the same MAC address.

On this board the MAC address is in nv ram .. I'm not sure how it gets moved into the 
kernel but I guess I'll hit this problem next after cvs update.


btw, isn't there anyone from Arcturus on this list putting in the correct patches?

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