[uClinux-dev] irattach.... is this utility available in uclinux? (for irda)

Rene Gegusch rgegusch at mf.tu-berlin.de
Wed Mar 19 05:16:41 EST 2003

What kind of selfmade dongle do you have?
Are you also able to communicate via IrComm ?
This was one of my past intentions - I finally stopped the work, even I 
managed to add the IrComm protocoll in my kernel. The final problem was, that 
I would had needed a fork command that isn't available in this way on a 
noemmu system...
Finally I took an active dongle from Actisys and communicate via a standard 
3-wire serial interface. Works fine, but was expensive (if you don't compare 
the time you waste for patching/hacking)
I am unsing the uC5272 board

Am Mittwoch, 19. März 2003 09:03 schrieb Markus Pietrek:
> Hi Thomas,
> I have attached some patches for the irda-utils-0.9.15 to make them run
> with uClibc-0.9.19 and our homebrew irda dongle. Note that I have also
> modified irattach.c:dongle_list, so you would like want to take the
> original ones (or have only a look at the differences). Just overwrite the
> original files with the patches in this archive.
> Assuming you have setup the kernel correctly you can follow any standard
> irda configuration (sorry I don't have a link at hand :-( ).
> Hope that helps,

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