[uClinux-dev] Problem with uclinux-dist-20030305

Jay Vaughan jv at access-music.de
Wed Mar 19 04:10:06 EST 2003

>Every thing in the tree is working for pthreads,  but not all platforms
>have had it enabled (ie., we haven't tested it specifically).

Ah, I see.  Please consider me an avid test-target for the 5272 
platform, then.  I'm using these eval boards as general purpose lab 
tools, so I like to stay current with things, and for me portability 
is key...

>Here is a patch for the dist the fixes the Mot configs and also a small
>problem with the top level Makefile which is needed when you are
>switching platforms a lot ;-)

Thanks very much!!

Incidentally, this patch arrived garbled.  Is it normal to have so 
many "^M"'s in your patch files - I thought these were just 
stock-standard plaintext files, usually?  I ran 'dos2unix -c Mac' on 
it, seemed to fix it, but not everyone has this ...

>make clean,  make config and force defaults, make dep, make and you
>should have a full pthreads 5272.  Then you can be the first to test it ;-)

Please consider me first in line for any future 5272-related testing 
of stuff that will make uClinux-dist better organized for everyone!



Jay Vaughan
r&d>>music:technology:synthesizers - www.access-music.de/

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