[uClinux-dev] h8 board

Philip Nye philipn at engarts.com
Tue Mar 18 16:46:22 EST 2003

> From: "himba" <himba at siol.net>
> i'm sorry for not specifing about using ucLinux for h8/300H hitachi
> i've seen some web pages about the project.
> h8s and h8/300h share the same core, right? 16-bit. it is possible to
> run uclinux on those. further, h8/tiny is somekind of "enhanced" - as
> stated in their docs - h8/300h. thus running uclinux on it shouldn't be
> a problem...

The H8/3664 on the board you pointed to does not have an external bus. You
will not get uClinux into the 32k of flash and 2k of RAM on the h8/3664. In
general the h8/tiny series are intended for "tiny" applications and whiole
they may have a fairly powerful core, they do not have the advanced
capabilities of the larger more general purpose h8s parts.

The h8s is not the same core as the h8/300h it is more advanced - though
backward compatible. While the bigger parts would probably run uClinux, I
don't think they are ldeally suited - although they are great for rather
lower level stuff.

You could contact the gnu-h8 mailing list for more info - or try downloading
and reading the datasheets!


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