[uClinux-dev] Mounting root fs as NFS

Stefano Costa stefano.costa at bluewind.it
Tue Mar 18 11:21:05 EST 2003


we're successfully using the latest uClinux distribution on a 
Coldafire-based board. To speed up development, I was trying to 
enable NFS-mounted root fs, and it seems to work. Now I need to 
understand if creating a real rootfs directories tree can be 
performed by the same Makefile that builds the Kernel+Apps system. As 
far as I understand, the "romfs" directory contains the root fs tree 
ready to be "packed" up in the image later transferred to FLASH. Does 
anything similar already exist for directly building a ready-to-be-
mounted root fs (with /dev properly built etc.) or should I do this 

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