[uClinux-dev] Distribution 20030305 bigger Kernel Image

Frieder Ferlemann F.Ferlemann at identecsolutions.de
Tue Mar 18 04:11:04 EST 2003


> I have configured the kernel (make menuconfig) with the same options that I had configured the kernel with the previous distribution.
> Last Distribution Kernel image Size          :    2072572 bytes
> Previous Distribution Kernel image Size    :    1788440 bytes
> The Last Distribution Kernel image is 277Kb bigger then the Previous.

It probably is not the size of the kernel itself.

Save a copy of ls -l romfs/bin and then switch 
back to uC-Libc in the Target Platform Selection 
(your config will be defaulted when switching).


btw: "kernel image" != "image downloaded to the target"

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