[uClinux-dev] uCdimm login

Georges Menie g.menie at wanadoo.fr
Mon Mar 17 15:39:38 EST 2003

On Mon, 2003-03-17 at 20:33, D. Peter Siddons wrote:
> Hi all,
>     I just downloaded the latest tools (20030314) and dist (20030305). I 
> took the default configuration, except I chose the Arcturus uCdimm 
> target. Everything built fine, and the system boots to a login: prompt. 
> However, it rejects the standard root/uClinux login/password. The 
> default setup uses uClibc. I remember that the crypt lib is different 
> between uC-libc and uClibc, so I tried both of the supplied password in 
> vendors/Arcturus/uCdimm. Neither responded. Any suggestions?
> BTW, the screen message says:
> uCdimm login: root
> Password:
> ERROR: failed to
> and then the login: prompt again.

the location (and name) of the passwd file has changed,

go to the vendors/Arcturus/UCdimm subdir and edit
the Makefile, change :

        if [ -f passwd.$(LIBCDIR) ]; then \
                $(ROMFSINST) passwd.$(LIBCDIR) /etc/passwd; \
        else \
                $(ROMFSINST) /etc/passwd; \


        if [ -f config.$(LIBCDIR) ]; then \
                $(ROMFSINST) config.$(LIBCDIR) /etc/config/config; \
        else \
                $(ROMFSINST) /etc/config/config; \

and add etc/config on the ROMFS_DIRS line (near the top of the file)
like this:

ROMFS_DIRS = bin dev etc home lib mnt proc usr var \
             home/httpd home/httpd/cgi-bin etc/config

then do:
make romfs
make image

you should be all set...

FYI: the new option behind this is CONFIG_USER_OLD_PASSWORDS
it is active by default but the passwd filename was changed, I assume
this is to make room for a real passwd file (and associated


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