[uClinux-dev] Write to flash memory & Colilo configuration

Marc Rossell Taberner mrossell at ya.com
Mon Mar 17 09:44:44 EST 2003

I have a M5272C3 board, which are connected to a Texas Instruments DSP in order to reproduce audio. 
I want to record some music files in flash memory with the aim of reproduce it in a determinated time.
Can anybody explain me the options for record in flash memory? There exist some comands, like netflash, flashw, flash... 
I want to change the file with remote access, comunicating with the board by telnet.
Which is the best option?
I need MTD support or blkmem?

In the other hand, which address I must used in order to put system image, if this image isn't compress, using bootloader Colilo?
Nowadays, I'm working using the following configuration:
0xffe00000 --> Bootloader Colilo
0xffe40000 --> Image.bin.gz     (uClinux compress)
But if I used uncompressed image, system doesn't boot. Any modifications are need in Colilo?

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