[uClinux-dev] a busybox question

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Mon Mar 17 07:19:01 EST 2003

Jivin ?????? lays it down ...
> Hi,all
>       I want to modify the source code of mount.c in busybox to find out where the problem of my file system's is .But when I look up mount.c in busybox,I find that the function "mount()" declare as follows:
>     extern int mount ()
> So I do not know where to find the source code of the function "mount()".
> Can anyone tell me where or how to find the source code of the function "mount()"? 

mount is a system call (man 2 mount),

You will find the bulk of it implementation in the kernel,  look for
sys_mount for your platform.


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