[uClinux-dev] web browser

Giovanni Casoli giovanni.casoli at atengineering.it
Mon Mar 17 06:09:29 EST 2003

Hi all,
   I am trying to find a good candidate web browser to be ported to uClinux. I 
considered two alternatives of already existing projects:

1) dillo
    on the pc this browser is very quick, but has at least three
        it is gtk+-based, and porting of gtk on uClinux seems quite difficult
        beacause of a lot lacking features of uClibc, which are required by
        glib and by all the (many) libraries which depend on it.

        the version of gtk+ it is based on is 1.2, so uClinux would 
        be supposed to run an X-server, which doesn't seem to be 
        a good idea (IMHO); nano-X api is not so compatible with 
        the xlib's one. The solution would be that of porting to gtk+ 2.0
        (which can directly write on the linux framebuffer),
        but this again seems not to be trivial, because of a lot of
        api incompatibilities between the two vesions of the library.

        is not so powerful, by now, since it does not support style sheets
        and frames.

2) viewml:
        this browser is microwindows-based and supports frames and
        javascript. However it has a couple of disadvantages:
           it is quite slow, even on the pc;

           the frames support seems to be broken: the program crashes
           (on the pc) while trying to open a page with frames.

           Furthermore, a considerable deal of the code is written in C++,
           and I dont't know how the cross-compiler behaves with this

The third alternative would be that of writing a new browser from scratch,
but this has obvious disadvantages :).

Did someone face the same problem before I did?

Best wishes

Giovanni Casoli

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