[uClinux-dev] raw serial data...

Stuart MacDonald stuartm at connecttech.com
Sun Mar 16 21:10:50 EST 2003

From: "Marshall M. Parker" <mparker at TheRNDGroup.com>
> I am sending raw data out my serial port and minicom ignores data bytes
> that are 0x00.  Is there a terminal emulator program out there that can
> capture raw data.  I need to support raw-ASCII.  All 255 bytes.  Any
> hints?

Can you write your own? Or do you need real terminal support?
Compiling an app to open a serial port, set raw mode and read from it
isn't that hard. I can send you off list my app that does it.


We make multiport serial boards.
(800) 426-8979

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