[uClinux-dev] FTP Server on the 5272 board

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Sun Mar 16 20:41:20 EST 2003

Hi Rene,

Sorry for the slow response, I have been away the last few days.

Rene Gegusch wrote:
> OK, I followed your instructions and added the uC5272 directory, furthermore I 
> added several uC5272 informations to the arch/m68knommu/config.in and
> Boards.mk files. Before I tried to replace them with the ones from the 
> Arcturus Distribution.

You didn't take the uC5272 definitions from the original Arctururs
Boards.mk into your new one.

> Finally I got the same error and this made me sad.

Fixup your Boards.mk, do another "make xconfig" and
try again. Let me know what errors you hit after this.

> Added the arch/m68knommu/config.in and Boards.mk files as an attachement. 
> Maybe I misunderstood there somehting.
> The .old files are the origin Arcturus ones.
> I also attached the uC5272 files for your CVS directory.

Thanks. I have put these in the public CVS at cvs.uclinux.org.
You can get the new Boards.mk and config.in from there if
you want.


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