[uClinux-dev] Help with Motorola 68vz328ads eval board

Frank W. Miller fwmiller at cornfed.com
Sun Mar 16 09:43:40 EST 2003

Fantastic information!  I'll have to take it one step at a time with you 

David E. Gelhar wrote:

> I've used a 68SZ328ADS board, which I suspect will be similar but with 
> a different CPU version (SZ instead of VZ).
> To download code over the serial port, put the CPU into bootstrap mod

There are a few other differences.  I have a document from Motorola that 
details all the specifics.  They made some register changes and such.  
I'll probably bang my head against these as I go.

> e (on the SZ ADS board, switch S2-8 does this). In bootstrap mode, the 
> CPU accepts "b-record" format files, which are a simple text 
> address/contents format. The board probably came with an "init.b" file 
> that sets up the hardware (chip selects etc.).

OK, my User Doc does talk about the DIP switches but it does not include 
a "bootstrap" mode (at least they're not calling it that).  There are 
four positions quoted there (which I'll try all four positions probably 
with the procedure you mention below).  The first two are for the 
Metrowerks monitor and the second two are for the SDS monitor.  I'm 
assuming both these monitors are built into the firmware on the board 
and you can select which boots up.  The two options for each monitor 
appear only to switch the UART used to communicate with the host.  Just 
for grins, here are the switch positions:

S1 10111111 S2 10111000 Metrowerks monitor on UART1
S1 11011111 S2 10111100 Metrowerks monitor on UART2
S1 10111111 S2 10111010 SDS monitor UART1
S1 11011111 S2 10111110 SDS monitor UART2

Now that I'm looking at it, S2-8 is always set to 0 in these 
configurations, let me also try setting that to one as you suggested...


Frank W. Miller
fwmiller at cornfed.com

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