[uClinux-dev] Help with Motorola 68vz328ads eval board

David E. Gelhar David.Gelhar at Dartmouth.EDU
Sun Mar 16 09:03:25 EST 2003

I've used a 68SZ328ADS board, which I suspect will be similar but with 
a different CPU version (SZ instead of VZ).

To download code over the serial port, put the CPU into bootstrap mode 
(on the SZ ADS board, switch S2-8 does this). In bootstrap mode, the 
CPU accepts "b-record" format files, which are a simple text 
address/contents format. The board probably came with an "init.b" file 
that sets up the hardware (chip selects etc.).

For downloading, instead of the DOS program, I'm using a kermit script 
"bbug" by Vladimir Gurevich (see 
http://www.uclinux.org/pub/uClinux/archive/0116.html). It's meant for 
the 68EZ328ADS board, so you may have to tweak baud rate settings for 
your board.

The kernel build process generates an "image.bin" (kernel+romfs); you 
can turn that into a b-record file to be downloaded to the board with a 
simple perl script like this: (assuming your loader map is set up to 
build a himem kernel to be loaded at romvec=0x01000000;  


# Convert a raw binary file into b-record format for download
# default download address is 0x10000000

$offset = 0x01000000;

open IN, "-";

while(1) {
         $len = read(IN, $buf, 16);      # 16-byte lines
         last if ($len <= 0);
         printf "%08X%02X", $offset, $len;
         $offset += $len;
         for ($i = 0; $i < $len; ++$i) {
             printf "%02X", ord(substr($buf, $i, 1));
         printf "\n";

The sequence of bbug commands goes something like:

load init.b
load image.b
start 01000400

On Saturday, March 15, 2003, at 08:46 PM, Frank W. Miller wrote:

> Ok, I'm on my way.  I've got a toolchain (the latest m68k-elf) and the
> full source distribution, both of which I have installed and built 
> successfully.
> I picked the ucdimm platform to build first since I think its probably 
> the
> closest to what I've got on the 68VZ328ADS.  The problem now is,
> how do I boot the kernel on the board?  I've got a serial connection 
> but
> I need some kind of program to load it onto the target.  Does anyone
> know where something like this exists?  I've have a DOS program called
> bbugv.exe but that won't run (at least I don't know how to make it run)
> under Linux.  Can anyone help me with booting this kernel?
> Thanks,
> FM
> Frank W. Miller
> fwmiller at cornfed.com

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