[uClinux-dev] uclinux-elf-tools-20030314 released

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Sat Mar 15 18:23:09 EST 2003

Jivin thomas chen lays it down ...
> since uclinux 2.4.20 just came out... is there correlation between
> 2.4.20 and the new tool chain.... ie do you need new tool chain in order
> to get the 2.4.20 to work or vice versa?

Absolutely not.   The old tool chains is what we have been using until
now without any problems.

This is really just to fix some bugs in the setup, clean up problems with
pthread and XIP,  and also to improve the C++ support for both platforms,

If you are happy with what you have then there is no need to change :-)


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