[uClinux-dev] net-snmp in embedded system

v.nagasrinivas cheluvi at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 14 23:59:32 EST 2003


             I have downloaded the net-snmp latest and compiled and
installed and check the
snmpd      .....................showing 101k ( everything on i686
and these figures are without doing flthdr running etc....

So the memories of net-snmp installed files also i put here...

from this when you take only     /sbin/snmpd ------------101k
I don't the involvement of libfiles   as /lib showing --------9.1M (i
think without these also the net-snmp runs..)
and the mibs files total finally depends on you which one do you need to
supply for the customer..

---combining the stds mibs and your private mibs total...that never
follows the

following figure...
Could you give more information for analysation..........


cheluvi at srinivas:~/net-snmp/sbin$ ls -lh
total 272k
-rwxr-xr-x    1 cheluvi  cheluvi      101k Mar 15 09:59 snmpd
-rwxr-xr-x    1 cheluvi  cheluvi      160k Mar 15 09:59 snmptrapd
cheluvi at srinivas:~/net-snmp/sbin$

cheluvi at srinivas:~/net-snmp$ du -ch
116k ./include/net-snmp/system
8.0k ./include/net-snmp/machine
356k ./include/net-snmp/library
172k ./include/net-snmp/agent
744k ./include/net-snmp
748k ./include
1.2M ./bin
9.1M ./lib
276k ./sbin
24k ./share/snmp/snmpconf-data/snmp-data
36k ./share/snmp/snmpconf-data/snmpd-data
16k ./share/snmp/snmpconf-data/snmptrapd-data
80k ./share/snmp/snmpconf-data
1.2M ./share/snmp/mibs
1.3M ./share/snmp
1.3M ./share
108k ./man/man1
420k ./man/man3
64k ./man/man5
20k ./man/man8
616k ./man
13M .
13M total
cheluvi at srinivas:~/net-snmp$

§õ ñ° wrote:

> hi all: I am a engineer in InterEpoch in Taiwan , this is web's url of
> my company www.interepoch.com.tw.I want to add SNMP agent in our
> wireless lan AP product, so i deside to used NET-SNMP.But the snmpd
> file size is about 800kbyte witch is too large for our embedded
> platform (4MB flash memory).i try to reduse NET-SNMP code size in many
> ways such as removing snmpv3 ,debugging msg,app ( we dont need in
> agent product)..., only reduse 40kbyte. how can i reduse  NET-SNMP
> size ? thank you. lai li
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