[uClinux-dev] Help with Motorola 68vz328ads eval board

Frank W. Miller fwmiller at cornfed.com
Fri Mar 14 21:34:14 EST 2003


I've been blessed with a Motorola 68VZ328ADS Eval Board that includes a 
monochrome 320x240 LCD with Touch Panel Interface.  I've done a bit of 
development with it using the Metrowerks tools during the eval period 
but I'd really prefer to do my development using Linux.  I was hoping I 
might find some guidance here.  This board is the eval system that 
mirrors most closely the Palm systems.  I believe it can run Palm OS if 
loaded correctly.  Anyway, I need help with aquiring the right gcc based 
development tools, a bootloader, and debugger if possible.

Many thanks in advance,

Frank W. Miller
fwmiller at cornfed.com

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