[uClinux-dev] MCF5282 Development

juanba romance gallego juanbaromance at yahoo.es
Fri Mar 14 05:30:10 EST 2003

Hi, we are starting to design a project using the new
5282 ColdFire processor, uCLinux-2.4 version will be
used. I would like to know which tasks, drivers,
kernel porting are currently on-going for the chipset
periphericals, core and so forth, and how this work
is/will/could be time scheduled

Uhmm up today we have been working with the MCF5206,
now our design is being reviewed from many points of
view. Our local distributor has adviced us to upgrade
to this new one CF. Our io-interface requirements are
really hard, i.e. From our p.o.v. the CAN bus
interface is mandatory, we map up to two i82527 CAN
interfaces for the old design, other interfaces
are/will be used.

Have someone any information about?

Thanks in advanced

Juanba Romance

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