[uClinux-dev] net-snmp in embedded system

李 騋 laili at interepoch.com.tw
Thu Mar 13 22:44:09 EST 2003

hi all:

I am a engineer in InterEpoch in Taiwan , this is web's url of my company www.interepoch.com.tw.
I want to add SNMP agent in our wireless lan AP product, so i deside to used NET-SNMP.
But the snmpd file size is about 800kbyte witch is too large for our embedded platform (4MB flash memory).
i try to reduse NET-SNMP code size in many ways such as removing snmpv3 ,debugging msg, 
app ( we dont need in agent product)..., only reduse 40kbyte.

how can i reduse  NET-SNMP size ? 

thank you.

lai li
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