[uClinux-dev] FTPD (FTP Server)

Rene Gegusch rgegusch at mf.tu-berlin.de
Fri Mar 14 03:58:23 EST 2003

Does anyone already did it to compile the ftpd?
Maybe for a uC5272 system?
I am finally out of ideas what I could do...

Here a short list of my tries:
1) compiling alone --> missing definitions etc.
2) added it to my uC5272 Arcturus directory and tried to compile it by a 
complete system compilation --> failed, because of redefinitions,  failed 
because of errors in i.e. shadow.h of my cross-compiler (m68k-elf) libary, 
3) compiling the latest distribution for the uC5272 system --> error because 
there was nor rule for crt0_ram.S in directory 
4) edited the latest distribution with hints of Greg Unger to fit it for the 
uC5272 and compiled it --> failed... same error

I am thankful about any hint, information or experience you will give me


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