[uClinux-dev] XIP on i386

Paul paulv at ipsdev.com
Thu Mar 13 16:30:10 EST 2003

Forgive me but this is my first experience with digging into the linux kernel, any help is greatly appreciated.

I have a Monarch Paxar 6037 (www.paxar.com) with strict memory requirements.

640k ram
~820k rom

all I need is telnet functionality, as a dumb terminal (using an 802.11 wireless card). I have been evaluating uClinux as an alternative os for it. the memory is too small for normal linux kernel, and I found eXecute In Place. One person posted to another forum somewhere (the where and the who elude me at the moment) that claims to have a XIP kernel running from ROM with the .text (I belive) segment in the RAM, taking up ~120k. XIP is perfect for my needs, but I cannot find any documentation for compiling an XIP kernel for i386. 

Can someone tell me how I can compile for XIP?

Thanks greatly

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