[uClinux-dev] "wrong zone alignment" warning and &_end_kernel in 2.4.20

Markus Pietrek maillist at fsforth.de
Thu Mar 13 08:05:24 EST 2003

Hi Ben,

> I had the same problem when PAGE_OFFSET was (incorrectly :) set to
> _end_kernel.  It should really be set to the start of your ram.  The
> kernel automatically reserves the kernel address space during startup.
> If you have other "special" regions of memory to reserve take a look at
> reserve_node_zero in arch/armnommu/mm/init.c.  I use that function to
> reserve the first 8k for remapping to 0x0 for the interrupt vectors &
> handlers.

Thanks, that was it. Modifying PAGE_OFFSET and PHYS_OFFSET to be 0x0, 
adjusting the linker script and ensuring that _end is still the _end of the 
kernel and reserving the bootloader code from 0-_stext.

Best regards,

Markus Pietrek
FS Forth-Systeme GmbH
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