[uClinux-dev] IXP225 (ARM7TDMI core) problem.

Dirk Schaefer schaeferd at gmx.de
Thu Mar 13 07:25:53 EST 2003


As a student I have get kernel 2.4 working on an embedded system with a IXP225. As a first step I tried to run a normal binary under 2.2. The problem is now, after compiling and linking it to uclibc 0.9.19 the binary does not seem to produce any output (a simple "hello world" program). Now I tried to get the gdbserver (gdb 5.3) working to see what is wrong but I was not able to compile it. So does anybody have a working gdbserver binary (flatted) which I could use? It would be a big help finding out what is going on. 

And a second question: I had a look to the uclinux distribution. But I can not find any support for ARM7TDMI. Is there any support for this platform (on uclinux.org I only found support for 2.2) because I don't want to invent the wheel twice...

Dirk Schaefer

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