[uClinux-dev] uclinux and RTLinux / RTAI

John Williams jwilliams at itee.uq.edu.au
Wed Mar 12 22:15:40 EST 2003


Can anybody give me a run-down on the status of known uClinux/RTLinux 

There is a working RTLinux patch for uClinux 2.0.x, for the m68k 
Dragonball at https://courseware.vt.edu/users/binoy/4984/project1.html.

Since then things have diverged significantly!  There is now an RTLinux 
patch onto standard linux 2.4.19, with most of the changes occurring in 
/arch/i386/kernel (what a surprise!).

The uClinux mailing list archive has some discussions from Bernard Kuhn 
about impending release of RTLinux for a later kernel version, but I 
never saw any more on it.  Bernard, are you still out there?  SnapGear 
and Arcturus were also potential suspects!

Before we go and commit resources to this, can anybody cast any more 
light on the situation?  Options seem to be hack vs port, ie:

(1) Hack RTL uClinux patch 2.0.x up to work on uClinux 2.4.19

(2) Port RTL 2.4.19 across to uClinux 2.4.19.

Comments anyone?



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