[uClinux-dev] Daemonize a process

Robert Daniels robertd at vantagecontrols.com
Wed Mar 12 18:44:25 EST 2003

You might want to check the code for smbmount for an example of an
application that does the daemonize thing.  It's under
user/samba/source/client/smbmount.c.  It was modified to not call its
own daemonize function and instead, it will go into a loop where it will
kill its parent (most likely your shell) and keep running.  It's a
little annoying if you do this from a telnet session, but if you do it
from the default console, it just restarts the main shell.  I don't know
if this will work in your situation or not.  I modified this code to use
a goofy version of daemonize in which I use vfork and execv to spawn off
a daemon process.  The trick here is to make sure you don't recursively
daemonize, which I accomplished by snooping the /proc filesystem.


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Jivin Stuart MacDonald lays it down ...
> The classic sequence of:
> fork();
> setsid();
> fork();
> doesn't work in uClinux because vfork blocks the parent until an _exit
> or execve().
> What I end up with is two D state processes (zombies) and the final
> child still parented by its real parent instead of init.
> I've checked a number of /user apps, but haven't found one that wants
> to do the same thing, so no example code to follow.

There are a couple of ways to achieve this:

* have init start your daemon

* have your daemon exec itself with a special option to become a daemon.

> Am I missing a simple solution, or is this just not possible until
> uClinux gets fork()? If so, what's required to get fork working? The
> comment in arch/m68knommu/kernel/process.c states that it almost
> works, but doesn't specify which bit is failing.

fork on uClinux is not possible.  It gives a short term impression of
working, before your system dies horribly.  It cannot be fixed in any
practical way and you can find all the reasons why in the uClinux-dev
archives :-)


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