[uClinux-dev] uClinux for Palm IIIc - Color Console support? (Please Read)

Michael F. Sharp mikes at tbc.net
Wed Mar 12 10:34:51 EST 2003

Sounds like a good idea.... actually, I tried turning off all of the 
console options, ( Frame buffer and Pilot Cosole were grayed out...), 
even turned off MicroWindows and uClinux complained about a kernel panic 
then, do_unblank_screen.

I see your point, though: Make uClinux work on the PDA, w/o video, only 
working through a serial port. That way we know the platform works....

Any suggestions on how to make a "video-less" kernel for a PDA?

David McCullough wrote:
> You could prove this by removing all the screen code and just booting on
> the serial port.  It will at least save doing all the console work only
> to find it's not the problem ;-)
> Also it will give you a working base and a lot more encouragement :-)

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