[uClinux-dev] bdm driver installation failing

Heiko Degenhardt heiko.degenhardt at sentec-elektronik.de
Wed Mar 12 06:10:33 EST 2003

Hi Justin, 

* On Tue, Mar 11, 2003 at 04:19:49PM +1000, Justin Clacherty wrote:
> I'm trying to set up debugging through the bdm in gdb.  I've installed
> the bdm driver but when I run chk /dev/bdmcf0 the driver seems to be
> failing to connect to the target.

I've never seen that kind of error.
May be some things you could check are:
- Check if you bdm cable is working fine, for instance with the
  CFFlasher utility of Motorola (that is for windows).
- See if the parallel port in your bios is set to normal mode (or
  EPP should work, I think)
- See if no other process is using the parallel port, too (I don't
  know if that really matters, but in my case it seemde to help
  to unload all lp stuff)
- Check if your kernel is using APIC or such things. I really had
  problems with APIC enabled (not with the parallel port, but with
  other interrupt driven cards, eg. RTL8139).
- Check that "PnP OS" is disabled in your bios.
- Do you see any messages while modprobe'ing the bdm driver?

I'm using Debian Woody with kernel 2.4.20 currently.

I don't think that this hints will really help you, but just to be


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