AW: [uClinux-dev] uClinux and Dynamic Loading on Motorola Dragonball

patrick tendim at
Tue Mar 11 11:30:38 EST 2003

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003, Matthew Natalier wrote:

> Ouch.  Lot's of apps do this, and they are a pain for use in uClinux.
> user/iptables does this, but also shows a way of getting around it.
> I think the easiest method for getting something like this to work would
> be to have each lib statically link into your app.
> Declare the public functions as static.
> Add an "init" function to each of your libraries which does nothing besides
> register the api.

Is this the way that user/iptables does it?  I'm not at home now, so I
can't look at the code.  But it does seem promising, and only requires
minor modifiations to my API.  Thanks!

> If you want to be able to determine things dynamically, that gets more
> complicated.

This was the plan, but keeping the modularity of the system is my main
objective.  If that requires recompiling things, I can work around it --
as long as I can keep stuff separate.


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