[uClinux-dev] uCdimm with 2.4.x Kernel

Hans Wilmers hans at wilmers.no
Tue Mar 11 07:30:07 EST 2003

I am using uCdimm 68VZ328, and the 2.4.19 kernel worked for me out of the box 
with uClinux-dist-20020927 and the precompiled toolchain 
m68k-elf-tools-20020410 .

You may need to adapt the scheduler initialisation, if you need a precise 
system time. This was discussed several times in this list.

I never used shared libraries, though.
If you get them working on 68VZ328, please tell the list!

I didn't get the time to test the new kernel distribution, but chances are 
that it works right out of the box too.


On Tuesday 11 March 2003 00:30, patrick wrote:
> Hello.
> Has anybody managed to get a 2.4.x Kernel and toolchains up and running?
> If so, can you please tell me how?  I would like to try to get it running
> for shared libraries, which I need for my application.
> Thank you.
> -Patrick
> patrick at tendim.cjb.net
> "It's simple, overspecialize and you breed in weakness."
>  --Ghost in the Shell
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