[uClinux-dev] mini_httpd, thttpd on uClinux/coldfire?

Heiko Degenhardt heiko.degenhardt at sentec-elektronik.de
Tue Mar 11 01:47:17 EST 2003

Hi Matt, 

* On Tue, Mar 11, 2003 at 04:52:48AM +1000, Matthew Natalier wrote:
> Is there any reason not to use boa?  It is reasonably small, supports
> authentication and ssl (thanks to SnapGear).

oh, thanks for that hint! I didn't noticed that boa can do that
(that is the problem with not looking into the source but in the
internet. I read on the (shure a bit outdated) website at 
and concluded that boa would not be the right thing).

> If you want a small web server with ssl then you are probably out of
> luck.  OpenSSL causes anything it is linked statically against to get 
> really large.  I don't have any figures handy, but I seem to remember
> boa growing by ~400k when it included ssl support.

Yes, I read about the openssl stuff on the list. It will be the
decision of the customer. If they want it, they'll get it. ;)

Thanks again for your help!

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