[uClinux-dev] uClinux for Palm IIIc

Michael F. Sharp mikes at tbc.net
Sun Mar 9 14:04:14 EST 2003

Would anybody be interested in started a new thread "uClinux for Palm 
IIIc" ? It seems that there has been quite a few people who have tried 
to port uClinux to the Palm IIIc without success.

The purpose of creating this thread would be to make future searches for 
the matter a lot easier.

If interested, I would like to start the thread by suggesting that we 
have a look at uClinux-dist/vendors/3com/palm-loader/PalmLoader.c

HenrySimmons and DavidM have been most helpful with suggestions so far 
for modifications to make to config.linux-2.0.x, crt0_ram.S, ram.ld, and 
the uClinux-dist/vendors/3com/PalmIIIx/Makefile.

Is there anybody on the list that is intimately familiar with the EZ328 
internals? Register 0xfffff116 has been a subject of discussion from 
time to time, but I think that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I have some machine language and C programming skills to offer.

Open to suggestions...


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