[uClinux-dev] bootloader environment

Richard Klingler richard.klingler at violasystems.com
Sun Mar 9 04:05:11 EST 2003

> that would be nice... but are you doing something special?
> i thought /proc is a read-only system, but i think if you can
> use echo to write out to the configuration, that would be so much
> easier...

Nothing special...you just create entries with mode 0644 and
register a read/write proc to it...

If a directory has no "write" flag it doesn't mean that
you can't write to a file inside this directory...

> so what is the trick?  ppcboot store the configruation in bunch
> of contingous strings... (at least my version does that?...)

That's how it is...but the strings are "\0" terminated (o;


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