[uClinux-dev] direct func call

ChangDa Tong tongcd at neusoft.com
Sat Mar 8 22:31:08 EST 2003

The question troubles me most, Hope anyone could give a hit
I got a client and server function running under uClinux 2.0.38 , in order to reduce communication cost
I design the client to fetch the address of a function that in server, then call it on the client side 
directly instead of using socket, it is ok but if this contain a free(ptr), the ptr(global) is malloced on the startup of
server process, after the free call , a error message occur:
    munmap of non-mmaped memory by process 10 (client): 00045238
I know call directly is not a good idea, but i need this way to impove performance, Can you give me some idea?
Thanks you and soryy for my poor english
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