[uClinux-dev] Xilnx CPLD problems

thomas chen tchen at on-go.com
Fri Mar 7 16:48:43 EST 2003

which fammily are you using

XC9500 family???

Kendrick Hamilton wrote:
> I am using Xilinx webpack tools to compile verilog CPLD code for a CPLD on
> a new board we are building. Unfortunately the tools are recognizing that
> I am using flip-flops in the design but optimizing them away. The
> behaviour model works correctly but the post synthesis model does not
> work. If anybody has any suggestion, they would be much appreciated.
> I know that this is not the best forum but I thought I would send out a
> request for help here because I am sure there are people on this list that
> know about this.
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