[uClinux-dev] UCLINUX for PALM

HenrySimmons17 HenrySimmons17 at netzero.net
Fri Mar 7 12:43:59 EST 2003

Hello Sumit...
Sumit wrote...
> I have compiled the uclinux for m125 with 8MB RAM and 4MB ROM with the
> changes which you told me earlier to make in 3-4 files. Now I am trying to
> download it on Plam via hotsynch, it got downloaded. But when I started
> booting the uClinux kernel, it shows me the penguin image and then nothing
> else goes. What can be the reason ?

Note: Console support  (CONFIG_CONSOLE)   [ Y/n? ] y
          Frame buffer  (CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER)  [ Y/n? ] y
          Pilot console  (CONFIG_PILOT_CONSOLE)  [Y/n? ] y

If you are using make xconfig  these are under General support.
        Console support y
        Frame buffer y
        Pilot console y
In either case all 3 must be set to Y.

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