[uClinux-dev] FTPD on a 5272 system

Rene Gegusch rgegusch at mf.tu-berlin.de
Fri Mar 7 07:43:20 EST 2003

first of all, I want to meantion that I did not checked the new distribution, 
because the download takes too long this day.

As many of you I am also interested in a ftp server for the coldfire 5272 
system. However, some of you seem already to use one on their system, their 
was also a link on the uclinux.net site before february.
As I understand, there are finally two ftp servers sucessfully compiled and 
running: anonftpd and pureftpd. But where are those projects?
Wouldn't it be a way to give those who don't know how to manage it the source 
and makefiles?
Some do have problems setting makefiles correctly for the mk68elf compiler. 
Please help us. :)

TFTPD = Tiny FTPD is not a solution for my case.

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