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Deepa Sivasankarane sdeepa69 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 6 16:46:03 EST 2003

Could u please tell me what the "libc system call stub" files are , for m68knommu ?
 Greg Ungerer <gerg at snapgear.com> wrote:Hi Deepa,

Deepa Sivasankarane wrote:
> In m68knommu/platform/5307/entry.S, return values of 
> system_call/syscall_trace
> are in %d0. 
> movel %d3,%a0
> jbsr %a0@
> movel %d0,%sp@(LD0) | save the return value 
> Where does one specify that the return value of all system calls is in %d0 ?

Exactly what are you asking?

It is explicitly coded in this entry.S file and in the libc library
system call stubs that %d0 contains the return value. There is no
single place it is specified. It is a convention that the kernel
and library must follow for it to work.


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