[uClinux-dev] Re: [uclinux-dev]UCLINUX for PALM

HenrySimmons17 HenrySimmons17 at netzero.net
Wed Mar 5 15:07:53 EST 2003

 Hello Mike....
 I believe these changes should do it. 
 In make xconfig or make config:
 > # General setup
 > # CONFIG_PILOT_CONSOLE is not set        
This need to be set to "=y" .  This is what give you a console on the Palm.
To get a serial console, a console on Minicom or Hyperterminal set:
In file vendors/3com/Palm-loader/PalmLoader.c 
> printf("Ordering image pages...\n");
>           asm volatile ("movew #0x3a81, 0xfffff116");     
>           asm volatile ("movew #0x2700, %sr");
#0x3a81 is for  VZ328. Set this to #0x068f  for EZ328  
>           asm volatile ("movew #0x2700, %sr; moveal #0x7ffff0, %ssp");
>           asm volatile ("movew #0x3a81, 0xfffff116"); 
Same here,  #0x3a81 is for VZ328. Set this to #0x068f   

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