[uClinux-dev] Pbs running busybox

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Wed Mar 5 05:46:10 EST 2003

Jivin Thierry STRUDEL lays it down ...
> Hello,
> I've ported Linux 2.5.55 to a home made MMU-less platform, and now I'm 
> having problems to run busybox:
> busybox has been compiled using the uCLibc. Init does the execve of /bin/sh 
> which appends to be msh.
> Everything works fine up to this point, I'm able to enter a command (ls) so 
> msh is forking using the `vfork' syscall (called in the `forkexec' 
> function), the child process is created and scheduled so we come back in 
> the son context on the father stack.
> But the child is not doing the `execve' call, then the child is doing a 
> couple of syscalls and the calls the `rexecve' function which then calls 
> `execve'. So the child is changing the father stack ! The `execve' is done, 
> ls runs ok and the child exit but when the father comes back it returns 
> from the vfork frame and then take the return address from the stack and 
> return after the `rexecve' done by the child !! which ends in exit :-(

Try using the minix shell from the uClinux-dist,  it's in user/sh.
I haven't played with the busybox version but I know a lot of things
have been fixed in the dist version.

> What is wrong in my implementation, how things does work on other platform 
> running busybox ?

A lot of platforms run the sash shell.  It is a great shell to get
started with as it is so simple.  Perhaps you should give it a go,


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