[uClinux-dev] UCLINUX for PALM

HenrySimmons17 HenrySimmons17 at netzero.net
Tue Mar 4 22:09:25 EST 2003

Hello Michael...
> Henry,
> I rechecked, and all is correct, but still can't boot. I've made the
> following observations though:
> in vendors/3com/palm-loader/Palmloader.c
> asm volatile (" movew #0x068f, 0xfffff116")
> PDA locked, hard reset to restore, memory lost
This is the one you want set. It is the same as ucsimm.
Take a look at ucsimm in both vendors/3com & platform/M68EZ328
directories The PDA does not lockup. When uClinux begins
to run/trying to run it then takes control of the microprocessor. The
is no longer under the PalmOS control. When ever you can do
a soft reset then the microprocessor continues to
remain under the PalmOS control & uClinux has not not gotten to start_kernel
in linux/init/main.c. You should at lease see the penguin on the Palm.
> Results at 0x3a81 (from VZ) look the most promising so far... Is there a
> range of memory locations I can try in Palmloader.c? Any suggestions?
No you set it according to the user manual for a specific memory.
That is what your PalmOS did..You are very close.The error is in either
PalmLoader.c or crt0_ram.S or ram.ld or your configuration.
E-mail me HenrySimmons17 at netzero.net  the 4 files:
PalmLoader.c, 3com/PalmIIIx/config.linux, crt0_ram.S, & ram.ld
I will rebuild my dist. and look at you files.

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