[uClinux-dev] Help on ide 5307/ints.c(47): default irq handler vec=165 [0xa5]

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Tue Mar 4 18:56:50 EST 2003

Hi Hn

hn wrote:
> 	Is  info like:
>     ../5307/ints.c(47): default irq handler vec=165 [0xa5]
>     a nightmare  that persists on Coldfire families?

Uhh?  I very rarely see this, generally only when I have a bug.
And I deal with a _lot_ of different ColdFire hardware...

>    Similiar discussion has been seen many times, but no explicit answer found.

There is always an answer, and it will depend on exactly which
vector is the problem. I just don't see this discussed very
often here.

> I am using a 5249 board and running uClinux(20020927 version,2.4.x kernel) on it,
> Everything works fine until I type reboot (sash):
> /> reboot
> unmounting /home
> flushing ide devices: hda
> Restarting system.
> ..
> Uniform Multi-Platform E-IDE driver Revision: 6.31
> ide: Assuming 50MHz system bus speed for PIO modes; override with idebus=xx
> ./5307/ints.c(47): default irq handler vec=165 [0xa5]
> ./5307/ints.c(47): default irq handler vec=165 [0xa5]
> ./5307/ints.c(47): default irq handler vec=165 [0xa5]
> ./5307/ints.c(47): default irq handler vec=165 [0xa5]

Looks like the ide driver is enabling the IDE driver interrupt
source before it has done a request_irq() on the vector. Apply
the attached patch to linux-2.4.x/include/asm-m68knommu/ide.h.
It moves the request_irq() call to before enabling the IDE

> But if I reset the board by pressing the reset button of by BDM tools, the system boots up with no problem, what's wrong ?reboot code?or ide driver?
> Thanks .

This will always make all interrupts go away, since it is
forcing a real hardware reset. Normal reboot doesn't do a
hardware reset (at least not on ColdFire platforms), it just
restarts the system from the boot vector.


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