[uClinux-dev] uClinux Training Workshop Ottawa March 25-28th.

Phil Wilshire philwil at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 4 10:25:10 EST 2003

Hi Brad,

Thanks for your interest in this class.

If I remember correctly, you were trying to get python ported to uClinux 
How did this go ?

Anyway the course outline (attached) will be very similar to the one I used in Munich this year.

I am going to concentrate on 5272 and Arm based systems.

The cost is $1695.00 US for the 4 days.

Please let me know if you need any more information.

best regards
  Phil Wilshire

Brad Clements wrote:
> What is the cost of attendence at the workshop?
> What time will you start and end each day? I'm within commute distance of Ottawa.
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> Brad Clements,                bkc at murkworks.com   (315)268-1000
> http://www.murkworks.com                          (315)268-9812 Fax
> http://www.wecanstopspam.org/                   AOL-IM: BKClements
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SDCS -- System Design & Consulting Services LLC, http://www.sysdcs.com
** Embedded Linux Training **  email me for details  
630 Springhouse Sq., Leesburg VA 20175 t: 703 669 9766 f: 703 669 9768
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SDCS uClinux Munich Workshop.

Target Systems 

   AT91 ArmTwister 2M FLash 8M Ram
   SnapGear Lite 5272 2M Flash 4M Ram
   uCDimm   VZ328 or 5272 2M FLash  8M Ram

This is an overview of topics covered in the workshop.
Phil Wilshire and Erwin Authried are continually developing more interesting
material to add to the course.

Hours 9.00 : 5:30 each day with a break for lunch.

Part 1

      Linux Basics 
            Linux Basics: Section Objectives 
            Linux Overview 
            Linux Versions 
            Linux Learning 
            Setting Paths 
            Getting help 

      Cheat Sheets 
            System Essentials 
            Basic Commands 
            Login and Passwords 
            Users and Accounts 
            Advanced Commands 

      Linux System Tools 
            Patch and Diff 

      Linux Installation Notes 
            Disk Partitions 
            File System Basics 
            Basic Networking 

Part 2

      uClinux Toolchain 
            Toolchain: Section Objectives 
            Toolchain Installation 
            Toolchain components 
            Toolchain component examples 
            Toolchain Linker 
            Library components 
            Kernel File Loader 
            Start File .. CRT0 (m68k) 
            Start File .. CRT0 (arm) 
            Flat file Linker 
            eXecute In Place 
            Shared Libraries (M68K only )

      The Linux System 
            Linux System: Section Objectives 
            How Linux Works 
            Kernel Communications 
            System Calls (ARM) 
            System Calls (m68k) 
            Kernel Communications - drivers 
            Kernel Communications - /proc 
            Kernel Communications - libraries 
            Root File System 
            Memory Management 

Part 3

            Debug: Section Objectives 
            Introduction to GDB 
            A GDB example 
            Introduction to DDD 
            Using DDD 
            Creating the BDM driver 
            Creating a cross debugger 
            Using the BDM debugger 
            BDM debugger in user space 
            Introduction to JTAG
            Debugging Arm with JTAG 
	    Introduction ot GDB Server

            Simulators:Section Objectives 
            Simulator Overview 
            Arm Simulator 
            M68k Simulator 
            M68k Profiling 

Part 4

      uClinux Development 
            App Development: Section Objectives 
            M68k Development 
            Arm Development 
            Applications Build 

      Vendor Settings and CVS 
            Vendor Settings: Section Objectives 
            Saving Configurations 
            A New Vendor Tree 
            Adding User Apps 
            Using CVS 

      uClinux Development-Using Busybox 
            Busybox: Section Objectives 
            System Core Components 
            Adding Busybox 
            Lab: Busybox Config 

      uClinux Advanced Code Samples 
            Simple Init task 
            Http Web Server 
            Http Web Server Details 
            Setjmp and Signals 

       Midori Development Tree
           Intro to Midori
           Using Midori
           Adding Packages 

Part 5

      The uClinux Kernel Startup 
            Section Objectives 
            Typical System Boot and Startup 
            Kernel Boot m68k 
            Kernel Boot arm AT91 
            Kernel Init m68k 
            Kernel Init arm 
            System Init 

      The uClinux Kernel configure and build 
            Kernel Configure: Section Objectives 
            System Setup 
            System Configuration 
            Kernel Configuration Options 

      The Target System 
            Target System: Section Objectives 
            Terminal Access 
            uCdimm Boot loader 
            5272 Memory Layout 
            AT91 Memory Layout 
            AT91 Hardware Definitions 
            5272 Hardware Definitions 
            5307 Hardware Definitions 

      uClinux Target System Setup 
            Target Setup: Section Objectives 
            System Deployment 
            System Deployment Lab 
            uCdimm System Setup 
            AT91 System Setup 

Part 6

      Kernel Modules 
            Section Objectives 
            Kernel Modules, Introduction 
            Module User Level Functions 
            Module Compilation 
            Module Symbols 
            Module Versions 
            Module Parameters 
            Modules in 2.4 Kernels 
            Module Deployment 
            Module Lab 

      Basic Device Driver Programming 
            Section Objectives 
            Device Drivers 
            Device Driver Picture 
            Device Classes 
            The /dev directory 
            Major/Minor Numbers 
            Registering a Device 
            A Basic Device Driver 
            Fops Table 
            Data Read/Write 
            Transferring Data 

      Example Device Driver 
            Section Objectives 
            Simple Char Mode Driver 
            Simple Char Mode Driver Lab 

      Proc File System 
            Section Objectives 
            Proc File System 
            Creating a Proc Entry 
            Creating a Proc Dir Entry 
            Proc Lab 
            Creating a Proc Write Entry 
            Proc Lab 

      Extending The Kernel Build 
            Section Objectives 
            Kernel Modification Introduction 
            The Kernel Build Process 
            The Kernel Config Process 
            Adding the driver into kernel (SnapGear) 

Part 7

      Extended Device Driver 
            Section Objectives 
            Critical Areas 
            Critical Areas Lab 
            Critical Areas Review 
            Blocking I/O 
            Blocking Code 
            Adding an IOCTL interface 
            Example IOCTL interface 
            Adding a poll interface 
            Example poll interface 
            Adding a mmap interface 
            Example mmap interface 

      Using Interrupts 
            Section Objectives 
            Interrupts Overview 
            m68k Interrupts 
            ARM Interrupts 
            ARM irq vectors 
            Interrupt Registration 
            Interrupt Servicing 
            Interrupt Actions 
            Interrupt Lab 

Part 8

      Posix Threads 
            Posix Threads: Section Objectives 
            Using Posix Threads 
            Lab: Posix Threads 
            Posix Threads Questions 

      Using ppp 
            Using ppp: Section Objectives 
            Using ppp 

      Using Flash Memory 
            Flash Memory: Section Objectives 
            Flash Overview 
            Blkmem driver 
            MTD driver 
            JFFS and JFFS 2 Drivers
            Flash Lab

      Power Management 
            Power Management: Section Objectives 
            Power Management Overview 
            PM Core 
            Using SYSCTL 
            Entering sleep 
            Waking up 

      Boa Webserver 
            Boa: Section Objectives 
            Boa Overview 
            Boa Config 
            Boa Lab 
            Boa CGI 
            Boa CGI Lab 

      Hard Real Time (not for all targets)
            Adding Hard Real Time 

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