[uClinux-dev] Eb55 boot problems.

Christian Pellegrin chri at infis.univ.trieste.it
Tue Mar 4 08:20:57 EST 2003

On Tue, 4 Mar 2003, Mathieu Rousseau wrote:

> Hi thanks
> I already saw this, not very very much information. but anyway, i want to run uClinux from from, theorically it's possible, right? But at boot will it recopy completly in RAM? if yes, sure i can't run uClinux, but if execution is from the flash, i think it's possible.
> what do you think?

Well you can take a 2.0 kernel and have a look at how much stuff has to be
in ram (take the difference _end - _etext in System.map). Then you need to
account for the heap memory for the kernel and there must be something
left for user space applications ..... there won't be much memory left I
guess.  Linux is wonderful but for very low footprint I would prefer eCos
(I run it with great satisfaction (with lwIP for TCP/IP) on an eb40a with
only 256kb internal SRAM).


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