[uClinux-dev] eb55 arm-elf-tools compilation

Mathieu Rousseau mathieu-rousseau at ifrance.com
Tue Mar 4 01:13:52 EST 2003


I have eb55 atmel card.

I use the build-uclinux-tools.sh shell script to compile my tool chain. i had some problems with it...
First using the last uClibc from CVS seemed to be a bad idea, it goes further with the uClibc.tar.gz that ewe can find in www.uclinux.org/pub/arm-elf-tools/ ...
The problem is i got problem with uClibc/extra/Configs/Config.arm options. I read the Config.cross.arm.uclinux one and there is some options that seemed to be interesting to put on for mmuless card.
Still i got stuck in compilation because of the UNIX98PTY_ONLY option:
when this option is enabled i got an error message (see at end of mail).
when it's disabled, it compiles but i don't know if it's good to do that. Will my serial port work for my compiled kernel or apps?

anyone has any clue?


Mathieu Rousseau

error message:
ptsname.c:84: #error "UNIX98PTY_ONLY enabled but TIOCGPTN ioctl not supported by your kernel."
ptsname.c: In function `ptsname_r':
ptsname.c:69: warning: unused variable `ptyno'
make[2]: *** [ptsname.o] Error 1
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