[uClinux-dev] Eb55 boot problems.

Mathieu Rousseau mathieu-rousseau at ifrance.com
Mon Mar 3 11:39:07 EST 2003

Hi all.

It's my first message here and I post because i'm very stuck in running my uClinux on my Atmel/eb55 board.
So my board has 256KB RAM at 0x02000000 address 
and 1MB user Flash 

I successfully compiled the tools (with some changes in the build script found on arm-elf-tools folder of uClinux/pub download area).

I successfully compiled my kernel...

So now i get an 600KB linux.bin image. I downloaded it at 0x01100000 address (user area) via my windows flash downloader. I don't know how to download image via arm-elf-insight (5.3).

Anyway, nothing is written on the serial port (i expected some boot informations).

As I don't know how to make it run, download it on my board and boot it, I'd like some help...


Mathieu Rousseau
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