[uClinux-dev] UCLINUX for PALM

HenrySimmons17 HenrySimmons17 at netzero.net
Sat Mar 1 23:28:35 EST 2003

Hello Michael

I don't know of any documentation for PalmLoader.c.
This is one have seen.
The reason you can do a soft reset is it has not got to jmp 800
in PalmLoader.c which start execution of the kernel.
jmp 800 is START_KERNEL in crt0_ram.s
Do this:
Changes in vendors/3com/palm-loader/Palmloader.c
Change line to read: asm volatile("movew #0x068f,0xfffff116");

change line to read: asm volatile("movew #0x2700, %sr; moveal 0x7ffff0,
change line to read: asm volatile("movew #0x068f, 0xfffff116");

Put 0x068f in 2 places in PalmLoader.c also notice in the line above reads
0x7FFFF0, %ssp.
This is change from 0x1FFFF0, &ssp. This set the stack pointer.
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> Henry,
> I got the debugger fired up, and typed in the commands, which yielded:
> 3e8f
> I put this into line 140 of Palmloader.c, and compiled the kernel.
> I got a few different results. Here they are:
> Lacking resources
> 95 pages in 0x05f000 bytes]!
> Ordering pages...
> then locked up with a fatal exception

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