[uClinux-dev] compiling error's after making changes to support ATAPI

Kristof Bruyninckx masterkristof at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 1 08:08:59 EST 2003


I've rebuilded my toolchain to include the folowing
 Then I made the following adjustments to get rid of
some  errors I got when I inculded ATAPI cd rom

1. linux-2.4.x/inlude/linux/genhd.h:
     remove the two unsigned in struct hd_struct

2. drivers/ide/ide-proc.c : unknow enum item for

here I deleted line 718 in the /proc.c where acorn was

3. drivers/ide/ide-probe.c : obvious error at
hwif->hw.io_ports where 
hw. missed.

and here I included hw in line 725 of ide-probe.c so
this line became:
Out_byte(0x08,HWF > hw.io.ports [IDE_CONTROLS_OFFSET];

now after I had done all this the compiling errors of
the ide support stopped. But now the problem is that I
am gething errors because I include ISO 9660 support.
(see attachement error7.txt). But when I don't include
  ISO 9660 support I again get errors.And when I try
to compile a default kernel I get exactly the same
errors as when I do not include ISO 9660 support.(see
attachement error8.txt)
Does anyone know how to fix these errors?? Any advice
or tips are very welkom.

yours truly and hoping for a reply,



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