[uClinux-dev] nfs mount question

Erwin Authried eauth at softsys.co.at
Sat Mar 1 04:15:39 EST 2003

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> Betreff: [uClinux-dev] nfs mount question
> how do you mount nfs from an embedded target
> i have busybox mount
> when i did
> mount -t nfs /usr
> if first complain that mount is older than the kernel?
> and then NFS complain mount did not pass remote address?
> did i miss something

On uclinux:
- CONFIG_NFS_FS must be enabled
- uClibc must be compiled with the RPC library support.
- Busybox must be compiled with NFS support.

On the host:
- CONFIG_NFSD and CONFIG_SUNRPC must be enabled. I think the *_V3 stuff must
be disabled.

Some people said that portmap must run on uClinux. I found that it works
without that too, you just get a few error messages when the fs is mounted.


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