[uClinux-dev] GDB/ pthreads fix...

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Sun Feb 23 19:15:03 EST 2003

Jivin Phil Wilshire lays it down ...
> Hi Thomas 
> Here is a pthreads / ARMulator fix.
> This also fixes the gdb problem that we had.
> I have not fully understood it yet but I thought I'd let you have early
> access to the solution.

The change to elf2flt.ld,  while bringing it up to date with the m68k
tools fix this:

	The GOT may end on a non 16byte aligned address.

	If the first thing in the data section happens to be a structure
	(or array of structures) bigger than 16 bytes,  it will be 16byte

	elf2flt can not/was not determining this alignment requirement
	properly and thus all the data section relocs were out of

	The linker script is now changed to make this always ok.

For some reason the RT signals were not working for the ATmel/ARMulator
target,  so the uClibc patch switches it back to the old method of using
USR1/USR2 until someone can figure out the why its broken.

The config.arch changes just clean up the uClibc support a little more
and (for the ARMulator) force the DEBUG options appropriately.


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